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The Past and the Future

DI Martin Braun,
Managing Director

BRAUN - Technology leader since 1848

There are not many industrial enterprises which have succeeded for 150 years to stay competitive in the market while remainig in possession of the same family. The courage to diversify in the production of new products and constant improvement of these products based on the requirements of the customers is one reason for our success. The search and training of outstanding individuals as long-time employees and the promotion of the team spirit is another reason.


In regards to quality and technology, we have always been leaders in the market in every aspect of our production palette. The partner-like relation to our suppliers is part of our firm's philosophy. Customer orientation, guaranteed delivery, service and consequent cost control have a top priority and are as important today as they were 156 years ago.


Our main markets are: Europe, North America and the Far East. Recently, we founded a sales establishment in the USA.


I am looking forward to delivering to the 7th generation a potent high-technology enterprise.


DI Martin Braun, Managing Director