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Files - Tools


Introduction and historical sketch

Prehistoric files were found in Hallstatt, therefore by nature Upper-Austria has been a country for file production up to the present day. I. Braun’s Söhne Filecompany was established in Upper-Austria in 1848. Their ancestors came from lake Constanz where a file production was started at the end of the 18th Century.


This Filecompany is an amalgamation of tradition and technical skill. At the present time, the combination of technical equipment and skilled, experienced workmen, is a guarantee of a uniform product of the best quality and perfect finish.


Craftsmen in industry and trade, as well as agriculture, forestry, building and construction, have been using our files for over a century. The world wide trend to d.i.y. has developed a rapidly increasing market for high quality steel files and rasps.


Since 1798, the trade mark BRAUN has been a synonym for quality. After severe testing of independent authorities, BRAUN was awarded the quality seal ”ÖSTERREICHISCHE QUALITÄTSMARKE”. BRAUN is now known all over the world.


General information

Files and rasps are tools used for filing and cutting of all kinds of material: e. g. metal, wood, plastics, leather, etc.


Catalog and contact

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